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» Historic Photos and Louisville's 1948-1983 County Assessor Cards

In addition to searching and viewing Louisville’s 1948-1983 County Assessor Cards online, you may now also search, browse, and view many historic photos from the collection of the Louisville Historical Museum!

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1001 Main Street
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Bridget Bacon, Museum Coordinator


  TUE, WED & SAT, 10am–3pm
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2015 Closures
SAT, July 4 – Independence Day
WED, Nov. 11 – Veterans Day
FRI, Nov. 27 – City Holiday
FRI, Dec. 25 – Christmas

At the Louisville Historical Museum complex, visitors can tour three buildings that were constructed between 1903 and 1908. All are listed on the Louisville Register of Historic Places.

The main building, historically known as the Jacoe Store, features a variety of artifacts and historic photographs that reflect the settlement and industry of Louisville, such as coal mining artifacts and the 1920s-era painted theatre curtain from the Rex Theatre on Main Street. This building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its architecture and association with commercial development in Louisville.

The Tomeo House is interpreted as a coal miner’s house, with a kitchen, bedroom, and sitting room. It was the home of two of Louisville's many Italian families: the Tomeo family, then the Rossi family.

The Jordinelli House contains a six-foot by six-foot replica of original downtown Louisville, which was made by Louisville native, Dick Del Pizzo. Read the story of how and why he made the replica:

»Louisville Historian, Summer 2014

photo, Museum main building
Museum's main building

photo, Tomeo House
The Tomeo House

The Jordinelli House

Replica of Downtown Louisville at the Museum

The »Louisville Historical Commission is a City advisory board appointed by the City Council. The Commission advises City Council in the development and use of the Louisville Historical Museum; promotes public awareness of the history of Louisville and its surrounding area; and establishes criteria for the collection, preservation, and display of the Museum's historical artifacts, documents, and structures.

Memberships and donations supporting the Museum are accepted by the »Louisville History Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Foundation stimulates broad-based support for local history and the Louisville Historical Museum and encourages the development of the Museum through fundraising, advocacy, and education.

    The mission of the Louisville Historical Museum—a facility owned and operated by the City of Louisville—is to promote, collect, preserve, and interpret the diverse history of Louisville from the time of settlement until present day, with a special emphasis on the coal mining period, 1877-1955. The Museum is dedicated to protecting artifacts and documents of historical value and educating children and adults about the past.

Help us preserve Louisville’s colorful history for future generations. Volunteers are welcome to join in the work at the Museum.

Our current needs are for volunteers to conduct Museum tours and oral history interviewers. Please contact the »museum for details.