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  • Discovering Collection
    A comprehensive database to retrieve in-depth encyclopedia and reference book articles for the core curriculum areas of Literature, History, Biographies, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Biography
    This is the official site of A&E's Biography television series. It includes more than 15,000 entries from The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia.
  • Biographical Dictionary
    More than 19,000 brief biographies. Searchable by name, birth, death, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, and achievements.
  • Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 to Present
    Includes biographical information for anyone who has ever served in Congress.
  • Infoplease Almanac
    Over 30,000 biographies of historical and contemporary figures. Search by name or category.
  • Uncle Sam: Who's Who in the Federal Government
    This browsable list of links provides the official sites for selected elected and appointed officials in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government including Cabinet members and agency administrators.